Thomas Esposito

Thomas Esposito holds the position of Rabbi's Assistant and Events Coordinator at Congregation Simchat Yisrael Messianic Jewish Synagogue located in West Haven, CT. Tom has authored several web articles for online magazines and promotional material for Simchat Yisrael. He has designed and facilitated the teen program at Simchat Yisrael.

He has attended the UMJC Yeshiva program and has an Associates degree in electronic engineering. Tom worked for United Technologies and has been acknowledged for product flow improvements in the field of electronics. He is married and has three children.



It has been my honor and privilege to be part of the MJRC since its conception. I have participated in the halakhic dialogue that has created the MJRC Standards of Observance Manual. These standards have helped my family to engage in a more consistent expression of faith. It's my opinion that it would be beneficial for all Jews within the Messianic Jewish movement to consider the practices found within the Standards of Observance Manual. It would also advance our movement greatly if more Messianic Jewish leaders would consider joining the MJRC. The more consistent Messianic Judaism becomes the more stable our communities will be. This stability is necessary to sustain long term growth.