Rabbi Dr. Carl Kinbar

I live in Austin, a happily married man with three adult children and five grandchildren. My educational background is in philosophy (Queens College), Jewish Studies (Spertus College), and Early Rabbinic Judaism (University of South Africa).

I received rabbinic ordination from the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and a member of the Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council, serving on committees in both. I have presented papers at several Hashivenu Forums and have published book reviews in my field. I also blog occasionally at midrash, etc

After decades of involvement in congregational leadership and teaching in various settings, I am now privileged to devote myself almost entirely to teaching the writings of our Sages and their relationship to the Tanakh and Brit Hadashah. As Director of the New School of Jewish Studies, I lead a team of teachers who focus on Hebrew text study.



The MJRC is the only organization of ordained Messianic Jewish rabbis who are seeking to reach those Jews (including Messianic Jews) who have not previously been familiar or comfortable with halakhah. It is also the only such organization that is making a concerted effort to connect with Jewish tradition on the one hand and the real life circumstances of Jews today on the other.

Messianic Jewish rabbis who understand the importance of halakhah for Jewish identity, and want to join in the efforts of like-minded men and women, should strongly consider joining the MJRC.

Tefillah (prayer)

The most meaningful practice for me is daily prayer. It affords structured opportunity to connect with God and to identify with Jews around the around the world.

Although it is not part of our MJRC Standards of Observance, I find pairs and group study to be deeply satisfying experiences.

Blog: Midrash etc.

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    The New School for Jewish Studies

    The New School serves emergent Messianic Judaism by offering live, online continuing education courses throughout the year. Our goal is to deepen our movement's engagement with Hebrew texts of the Tanakh and the writings of Hazal, the sages of early Judaism.

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